Posted on April 10, 2019


The following key dates apply to our services over Easter 2019

Northern Ireland Deliveries/Collections Last delivery day covering all areas of Northern Ireland pre-Easter 2019 is FRIDAY 19/04/2019. We will run our fleet (MAIN TOWNS ONLY) on FRIDAY 19/04/2019. Any specials required for the 19/04/2019,please advise by email by WEDNESDAY 17/04/2019

lbrown@expressfreight.co.uk and mtmitchell@expressfreight.co.uk

We are closed from FRIDAY MIDNIGHT 19/04/2019 Our services commence again on WEDNESDAY 24/04/2019

Southern Ireland Deliveries No deliveries on FRIDAY 19/04/2019 & MONDAY 22/04/2019 MAIN TOWNS THROUGHOUT SI: Please Dispatch by WEDNESDAY 17/04/2019 to ensure delivery to CITIES AND MAIN TOWNS byTHURSDAY 18/04/2019

Outlying areas (E.g. West Cork/West Kerry/West Clare/West Sligo & West Donegal) must be dispatched no later than TUESDAY 16/04/2019

SI depots start delivering and collecting again on TUESDAY 23/04/2019

There will be no trunks running to SI on FRIDAY 19TH APRIL & MONDAY 22ND APRIL 2019 so any consignments dispatched by you for these areas on FRIDAY 19/04/2019 will be trunked TUESDAY NIGHT 23/04/2019 for delivery WEDNESDAY 24/04/2019 ***Customers requesting COLLECTIONS FROM SI which are time sensitive must check with our customer services to determine what the LAST DAY is for collection PRE EASTER***

Deliveries to Mainland UK NO DELIVERIES/COLLECTIONS IN THIS AREA ON FRIDAY 19/04/2019 & MONDAY 22/04/2019: *Please dispatch by TUESDAY 16/04/2019 to ensure delivery by THURSDAY 18/04/2019*

(This is for UK Mainland ONLY - this DOES NOT apply to Highlands & Islands - SEE BELOW)

*Deliveries to Highlands & Islands dispatch no later than FRIDAY 12/04/2019*

*Transit times apply to Business to Business ONLY and are subject to ferries operating on time*

Final UK bound trunk PRE-EASTER DEPARTS THURSDAY 18/04/2019

(Consignments on this trunk will not be delivered in the UK prior to Easter) Next trunk departing Craigavon for the UK will be WEDNESDAY 24/04/2019

Collections From UK Mainland (Excludes Scottish Highlands & Islands) Please note: Collections must be booked with us no later than MONDAY 15/04/2019

To ensure the consignment arrives in NI for delivery FRIDAY 19/04/2019

Collections from the Scottish Highlands & Islands: Please check with Our Customer Services

*All transit times apply to Business to Business ONLY and are subject to ferries operating on time*

Deliveries to & Collections from European Destinations Please contact our Sales Office/Operations to confirm latest shipping dates for various European Countries

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